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Zoom Beading Classes!

Zoom Class

I’m so happy to announce that I now have online Beading classes available for purchase on my website!

I’ve been working with my local bead store, Crystal Garden Designs of NY, to provide kits for the classes. We started out offering the classes to local store customers only, but beading friends from across the country began asking to sign up as well. Melissa from Crystal Gardens has been mailing out the kits each week to anyone, anywhere who wants to join in! This weekend, we even had a beader from the UK join us! Of course, some beaders may prefer to use their own supplies, and that’s ok with me as well. Crystal Gardens can also fill in any supplies you might not have in your stash. Just give Melissa a call at (631) 750-6430 or email at and tell her what you need. She is happy to customize kits to color preferences.

Here are the classes currently on offer for the next few weeks. If you’re interested, please sign up quickly as they are filling up fast. I’ve limited the class size to 15 students to allow proper attention to each student. The class listing will show how many spots are left in each class.

When you purchase a class, you will be able to download two pdf files: One is a document with all of the Zoom information and the other is the pattern. Make sure you sign up early enough to allow you adequate time to order the suppies or kit.

If there are any of my designs that you would like to request for a future class, please leave a comment here or send me an email.

2 thoughts on “Zoom Beading Classes!

  1. How much are each kit that you have classes for? I’m on a limited budget and need the total cost.

    Also could you provide what type of bead size and quantity necessary for each class. I have many beads and my find many in my own stash or current suppliers I use.

    I like to join to be involved with more cratry people.

    Thank you for your time

    1. I don’t sell the kits myself- you’ll need to contact Crystal Gardens at the number or email listed and let them know which kit you’re interested in. Each class has different supplies and kit prices. When you purchase the class, you will get a full list of supplies including colors used in the samples.

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