Zoom Class

Zoom Classes

Book a Zoom class with me! Choose from one of the projects and dates listed here or choose a project from my Tutorial offerings and send me an email to request a future class.

Zoom classes are a great way to learn remotely! You will be able to see both my bead mat and my face as we bead together. I will walk you through the pattern, demonstrating each step and providing advice on color selections, tension, fixing mistakes, etc….all the tips and tricks that I would help you with in an in-person class.

Here’s what you’ll need on your end:

  • A computer, ipad, tablet, or smart phone
  • A camera and microphone (if you don’t have a webcam, you can use your cellphone or digital camera to take a photo of your bead mat and email the photo to me
  • Beading supplies: Bead mat, thread, scissors, and beads (see the pattern for exact supplies needed)
  • Pattern (you will get a pdf file to download with purchase of the class)

If you’ve never used Zoom before, check out http://zoom.us to download the app, watch “how-to” videos, and even try a practice call in advance of the call.